Tommy & Terry Tiger

A compelling book for children and parents and a useful resource for any separated family to assist children to make sense of it all. The aim is easy – as we all want our kids to grow up into well balanced and psychologically healthy adults.

Tommy is just the read to help kids understand that they are not alone.

Tommy (2019)

Tommy is a boy in a war zone between his separated parents. They both love him dearly but fail to observe how they are destroying their most precious gift, in a situation where priorities are misguided. As Tommy navigates his family split, he calls on his friend Tiger Terry to try and make sense of it all.


Provide public benevolent relief to children and young adults experiencing extreme physical, psychological or emotional distress as a result of family violence, family breakdown, separation and/or divorce.

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Victoria, Australia 3102

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To better understand the psychological, physical and emotional needs of children, who are experiencing family breakdown and the fall-out from Court proceedings. A major focus is to effect change by preventing and relieving the anxiety and emotional suffering of children.