Tommy & Terry Tiger

By Darren Mort

A compelling book for children and parents and a useful resource for any separated family to assist children to make sense of it all. The aim is easy – as we all want our kids to grow up into well balanced and psychologically healthy adults.

Tommy is just the read to help kids understand that they are not alone.

How to shoot on a Submarine in 3 easy steps

TOMMY Launch date 15 August 2019 – AFCC Sydney Conference

STEP 1. Watch Das Boot
STEP 2. Haze
Thank Astera for making Titan tubes.

I recently wrapped on a short film part of which was set on a submarine. We shot on the HMAS Otama, built in 1978 and retired in 2001. As this sub is non-operational it meant there would be no power supply onboard. That and the fact it’s moored 30 minutes off the coast of Hastings made this a difficult shoot straight off the bat.

I knew that we’d be locked into small fixtures, more than likely practicals with the option to be battery powered.
After a bit of searching I ended up purchasing the Astera Titan tubes. The titans are full RGB tubes each with a battery life of 2hrs at max output. Everything is controlled off either my phone or on the fixture itself.

As you can see above each tube can be split into 16 sections which are capable of animating not only across themselves individually but also in a flow. Basically transitioning from one tube to the other.

We wanted to contrast the handheld look which was being used for the other scenes so we decided to go with a stedicam. Add a little haze and a few kids and our working environment just got a little tighter. Aaron Foley, ever the professional took it all in his stride.

This scene was one of our quickest setups taking 10 minutes to block, light and haze.

Basically 3 x titan tubes on the ceiling set to a teal hue on a slow strobe. That mixed with the colour contrast of the torch and heavy shadows makes for an interesting image.

Shot On: Arri Alexa Mini, Hawk C-Series Anamorphics, Supplied by Hummingbird

Tommy the Film

To Be Loved is making a short film called TOMMY – that explores the damaging impact of family separation on children. A resource that will be used to educate Family and Federal Circuit Court Judges, the National Judicial College of Australia, Independent Children’s Lawyers , Family Consultants, Regulated Children’s Contact Centres, Social Scientists, Police personal, Victorian Legal Aid and family law litigants.

TOMMY is about an 8 y.o boy suffering from the conflict resulting from his parent’s separation. Tommy finds solace with his imaginary friend, Tiger Terry, who helps him escape the abuse and see the world through different eyes: a world of hope and possibilities.

The film will feature at:
– various national & international Film Festivals
– the AFCC Conference in Sydney  2019
– the International Children’s Congress in Singapore in 2020
– the next  National Family Law Association  Conference
– AFCC (USA & Canada)  and the American Bar Association
– social media platforms
Most Recent work a short film 2017 – Degree of Separation
Festival Awards/Nominations:
Hollywood Now Film Festival
Connect Film Festival
Changing Face International Film Festival
Canadian Diversity Film Festival
Hollywood Just4Shorts Film Festival
California Film Festival
Beverley Hills Film Festival New York Film critic at Beverley Hills Film Festival stated:
“The film’s strongest attribute is its attention to detail within its directing, editing, cinematography and production value. The directing had a few interesting film techniques, which were all complimenting by the skill within the film’s editing and high. This film is very well put together. The pacing of the story keeps the interest of the viewers and really helps set the film’s story. The production quality was evident as the film had a crisp, clear image. The editing was good and really conveyed a lot visually.”
Why Film?
Presently, there is much focus being pulled in terms of the political upheavals of our Family Court system.
We choose to bring matters back to basics and concentrate on children’s best interests. This film has the capacity to bring members of the wider profession and community together and allow them to experience first hand through the medium of film, the plight being experienced by children of separating families. Together as pioneers of change, we can champion the cause of children by addressing their needs in situations of parental separation and divorce by a creative approach. TOMMY – the film will do just that!
If you are interested in being a sponsor or donor of Tommy the Film, please contact:
Nancy Bassett
T. 0419 228 260


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