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Last June Darren Mort launched his first book “Tommy & Tiger Terry” at Diesel Lounge in Lonsdale St to high acclaim. The book is a project of the charity To Be Loved and tells the story of a young boy with separated parents. It aims to promote the prevention of mental illness amongst children and young adults exposed to extreme physical, psychological or emotional distress as a result of family violence or family breakdown, separation or divorce.

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Darren Mort talks to Sabina Read about the short film Tommy.

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Tommy is a kid like so many from separated households: he loves his Mum; he loves his Dad. On his wish list, he would like them to reconcile – but, that is not going to happen. Importantly, Tommy believes it’s all his fault. To address his feelings of conflict, Tommy has an imaginary friend, Tiger Terry, who relieves his anxieties and confusion.

Hot off the press TOMMY is currently doing the festival circuit.

Tommy and Tiger Terry
– Book Review

The book helping children navigate family violence
There are not many people who know the family court system as well as Darren Mort does. Darren has been working in the family court for almost 30 years. He has seen his fair share of children that have been effected by the family court and family separation, and with that in mind, has created the new book Tommy & Tiger Terry.

Tommy & Tiger Terry follows a boy currently in the throws of family separation. He has created an imaginary world, to escape the scary real world around him, and is comforted by his friend Tiger Terry. This book is being used to not just help children, but parents navigate the sometimes turbulant time that can happen after a family breakdown.

I was fortunate enough to attend the book launch of Tommy & Tiger Terry, held at the Diesel Bar in Melbourne, and nothing short of absolutely moving when hearing of how this book is helping children navigate the turbulent time after separation. Hearing Darren speak about the subject family separation and family violence, shows a deep passion for helping children in these situations, and it is truly wonderful to know that men like him are in our court system and doing their best work in the best interest of the child. Dean McWhirter, the Assistant Commissioner of the Family Violence Command at Victoria Police, seems to agree with me.
“What this book is telling us, is that unless we make an effort to recognise the impact of crime on children, we will never be able to help them or begin to respond to their needs.” He writes in a statement read at the book launch. “My view is that if we are going to change any of this, we have to be able to identify changes in behaviour. This book helps shed light on these behavioural changes.”

Following on from the book is the short film Tommy, a short film that again is seen from the eyes of a child. Family separation and the impact of it on the child, Tommy, is reflected in the ‘war epic’ theme and style of the film. The film is due to be released in late 2019. To Be Loved earlier short film production, Degree of Separation, also follows the narrative of family separation and family violence, and you can view the trailer here.

by Taneesha Davis (Weekend Notes)

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May 2019


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